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Workshops for Elementary Schools

These engaging five-day dramatic arts and dance program for the elementary grades not only inspires but unleashes the creative spirit for an entire student body (up to 400 children). These workshops team-taught with North American recognized drummer Darren Shearer (from The New Deal) and Sarina Condello gives the students an experience in exploring and creating in the realm of the performing arts. In addition to this, the five day program culminates into an hour performance where all children participate, leaving the audience in awe. These workshops are truly global programs, drawing its content from cultures all over the world, enabling children to explore the wide diversity of the arts.

Workshops for students include:

  • Equilbrio - (Grades JK to 6)
  • Le Biscuit Crazie - (Grades 1, 2, 3)
  • Urban Orchestra - (Grades JK to 6)
  • Purple River - (Grades JK to 6)


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Classes for Children
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