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Workshops for Educators

These workshops, designed specifically for teachers, explore drama and dance strategies for the elementary, intermediate and senior grades. The workshop will take teachers around, underneath and deep inside a story to create personal and collective meaning through the dance and drama experience.

A variety of performance formats are included and will be examined such as: storytelling, tableaux, mime, choral reading, improvisations and movement composition. These workshops also satisfy the physical education, music, drama and dance requirements by integrating movement education, educational gymnastics, modern, and world and folk dance components. Sarina also integrates an arts based curriculum by addressing and working with a school subject matter through the use of music, expressive dance, theatre and mime.

Workshops for Primary and Junior Teachers:

  • Song and Dance from the Enchanted Forest
  • Dance Me a Story
  • The Poetic Dancer
  • Mixtures, Textures and Movement
  • Models, Maps and the Makings of a Dance
  • Stomp It Out Loud!
  • Fitness, Funk and Fun
Workshops for Intermediate and Senior Teachers:
  • Theatre on Edge
  • The Interdisciplinary Actor
  • Unleashing the Dancer Within
  • Movement to the World Beat
  • The Making and Sharing of Meaning through Dance


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