Sarina Condello, the Barefoot Dancer, film and theatre director is the heart beat behind Learning by Heart Studio. A gifted dancer, visionary and engaging free spirit Sarina founded the studio and under her guidance LBHS has branched into other successful creative and artistic endeavors. Creator and host of the international television series (65 episodes) The Barefoot Dancer and television personality on Pop Stars, Sarina’s way is about reconnecting the body and mind through the universal joy of dance and drama. After years of studying and training, Sarina has developed a series of movements and techniques that draw from all of the world’s dance and theatre influences. To sacred and traditional, from modern and freeform, Sarina has invented a method of movement and a style of directing that children and adults find transforming and empowering.

In Sarina’s own words…
 “Our bodies were designed to bend, stretch and twist in order to survive. Over the last century our evolved minds have brought us to the point where our bodies do nothing at all. And when our bones and joints become rigid, so do our perceptions of ourselves. My way is to awaken the body’s senses with eclectic dance movements and dramatic techniques  from all over the world.”

Sarina has directed and written hundreds of theatrical and dance performances with professional actors and children alike. Sarina is also a guest lecturer and keynote speaker at national and international conferences. She has traveled around the world studying how humanity and divinity are experienced through performance art and film. In 2006 Sarina moved into the field of documentary film making. Her award winning film titled: Thank You Tanzania has been screened throughout North America inspiring thousand of artists, families and teenagers. Her second film, Vintage Groove, is still in production. Sarina’s international work combines her love for the arts and children by bringing in all together in The Big Little Caravan of Joy, a roving arts camp for the children of Africa.


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