Sarina’s Key Note Addresses and Workshops for conferences are an inspiring interactive program that emphasizes the importance of "creativity and the spirit of play" in all walks of life and delivers this message in a unifying and kinesthetic "hands-on" approach. Sarina’s address is an excellent icebreaker that sets the stage for an energy-charged and group fused experience for everyone. Her talks and workshops are fueled by world music that brings everyone on their feet with unabashed joy. Sarina’s speeches and workshops touch on: the genius of play, ways to stay on task with passion, intention and humor, pushing past comfort zones to explore new territories, gratitude in motion and much more! Sarina will leave any group feeling energized and uplifted, ready to approach any conference or gathering with a willingness and togetherness to move into new places. Sarina is a clarion call to those who are ready to be inspired.

Key Notes Address Titles
(Approximately one hour in length)
  • The Genius of Play
  • The Magic of Thought and Vision
  • Dare to Dance Your Dream
  • Personal Inquiry: An Authentic Discovery
  • Creativity and the Divine
  • Gratitude in Action
  • The Dance of Surrender

Workshops for Conference Delegates
(Approximately one to four hours in length)
  • The Joy of Dance: A Healing Experience
  • Embracing the Child Spirit
  • World Chakra Dance
  • Dancing Images: Elements, Seasons and Archetypes


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