The Barefoot Dancer is a unique twenty-three minute workout for the mind, body and soul that will get an audience on its feet with its original dance take on movement and its infectious style of music. For the last 7 years straight this series has inspired viewing audiences from around the world. The Barefoot Dancer has aired in Greece, Nigeria, United Kingdom and Canada. Television networks in Canada include: W Network, Vision TV, One and Sun TV.

Led by the extraordinary Sarina Condello, a gifted dancer and engaging free spirit, The Barefoot Dancer is about reconnecting the body and mind through the universal joy of movement. After years of studying and training, Sarina has developed a series of movements that draw from all of the world’s dance influences, from sacred and traditional to modern and freeform. From her teaching, Sarina has developed a method of movement that she finds exhilarating. "Our bodies were designed to bend, stretch and twist in order to survive,” says Sarina. “Over the last century, our evolved minds have brought us to the point where our bodies do not do much moving at all. And when our bones and joints become rigid, so do our perceptions of ourselves. My way is to awaken the body’s senses with eclectic dance movements from all over the world.”

Fuelling the show is a musical soundtrack like no other. Drawing on the popular worldbeat style of today, The Barefoot Dancer features a tapestry of talented Canadian artists who are blending traditional African, Asian, Caribbean, Celtic, Latin and Middle Eastern music with modern dance beats to create an irresistible rhythmic sound. If you love global music, from Bob Marley and The Gipsy Kings to Cesaria Evora and Loreena McKennitt, you’re going to love dancing to these sounds.

Listen to an interview by Amy Sky with The Barefoot Dancer
lnterview with Amy Sky


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