Learning by Heart Studio (LBHS) has been operation since1999, bringing the performing arts to thousands of adults and children throughout North America. The company’s founder and director, Sarina Condello M.Ed. has specialized in performing arts education for the last 20 years and has created a curriculum that is innovative and inspiring. The studio has given rise to a sister company called Dance With Sarina Inc. which has produced and created 65 episodes of the national television series The Barefoot Dancer, a show that enlightens the viewing audience by sharing the power and joy of dancing.

Sarina Condello contracts artists, circus performers and musicians for special workshops and artist-in-residence placements in order to meet the needs of her mandate.

Sarina Condello’s mandate is to:
- promote an awareness among all people, children and adults on the importance and relevance of cultural diversity and cohesion by exposing them to the performing arts from around the world.
- develop effective educational materials by creating a new synergy among students, educational specialists and performing artists globally.
- collaborate with other artists, nationally and internationally in order to create workshops and performances that recognize cultural, artistic diversity as to unleash the creative spirit for children of all needs.

Sarina’s Mission
Sarina Condello has created a dynamic performing arts studio, film company and international volunteer program dedicated to affecting change in community, education and personal lives. Innovative opportunities abound, Sarina connects with others of cultural and artistic diversity in an effort to give rise to artistic expression, self empowerment and multi-cultural awareness.

Sarina‘s goals include:

  • To initiate new programs in curriculum development and personal empowerment through the arts
  • To generate knowledge through workshops, conferences, classes, performances, film and television programming and share these initiatives with other artists, educators, professionals and students
  • To share new learning about personal growth, expression, development and through the arts
Sarina as educator believes the best way to fulfill her mission is to bring people to the arts and the arts to all people through workshops, guest teachers and artistic works. Sarina acknowledges that teachers can only teach what they know. To that end, it is the goal of Sarina to create a teacher- education component in order to offer a widespread sharing of arts curriculum resources toward teachers' creative goals. Sarina provides the creative, raw materials with which teachers, artists and life long learners so that they can develop their own way of personal expression and with a clear understanding of the principles behind them.


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