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A Theatrical Dance and Percussion Intensive for Children

Equilibrio is a dynamic program that mindfully interweaves the performing art disciplines. By skillfully balancing choreography and improvisation, each student explores both sides of performance (technical and expressive), leaving room for their own individuality and group dynamics. This mythological story, in the theme of “Lord of the Rings” meets “The Giving Tree”, addresses both environmental and social issues of balance and the need for community cooperation. Equilibrio, presented “in the round”, accompanied by live electronic percussion and music, places students center stage performing in a truly professional atmosphere.

Equilibrio provides the creative raw materials with which students can develop their own expressive language. Each young performer gains a clear understanding of the principles in movement and drama and is thus able to intimately experience the extraordinary magic in the arts as a tool for artistic expression and self-empowerment.

The program is divided into two key parts: Technical Skills and Artistic Expression – and how each applies to the final performance. Students who participate in this program will have gained the skills and confidence in creating a professional artistic production. It is an experience not to be forgotten.

Equilibrio is a challenging and inspiring intensive program that integrates contemporary and world dance, improvisation, vocalization, tableau, mime, rhythmic percussion and theatrics. The program culminates in a school wide performance in which every student plays a part. Above all, Equlibrio is fun!


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